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A Web App to Count Words!

This app would really prove useful to you if you are a blogger as this tends to do a big task. For all those who may be blogging commercially that means who are  paid will love this app more that anything.The app is completely online and requires no installation.

For all those who are using external services for getting their posts published will love this as this app does really nothing great but can count words. The point is the people who are blogging for other websites who have terms such as minimum 200 or 400 hundred words will find this literally useful this app will let you know how may words you have already typed.

One has to do a simple work that is

  • Copy the whole text.
  • The click count
The website also has a character counter which can also count characters on the screen. the app is a simple Java app that doesn’t even take a second to count the words or characters that you have entered to be counted. The app is powered by Java Script Kit which is one of the popular sources for getting free and open source JavaScript. You can have the screenshot of the website above.

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