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Intel Brings You A Social Media Film

Till today many of us may have heard the name of Intel as the global giant of microprocessors. Although some may still stick with AMD as the better one but there are some still who consider the fact that Intel does the best. Forget about it.Now the company has moved ahead of its processor business and finally enters Hollywood !

Now a days we really see this happening all around, the entities of the Silicon Valley entering the Hollywood. The first it was Facebook then YouTube and now we see a Intel partnered by Toshiba. Both the tech biggies have planned to go creative with a new idea. As the company mentions on the official website of the movie, the title of it would be Inside and it would be a social movie which would be staring Emmy Rossum(of the Day After Tomorrow fame) and may be You.The company posted several promotional videos on their YouTube channel and one of them is here(below).

The company asks all the online users to audition for the film as that would be directed by D.J. Caruso of Disturbia fame and would involve a lot of social media entities which would mainly be Twitter as well as Facebook. The best ┬áthing one can expect out here is the fact that anybody can play any part in the movie with the help of his/her online presence. Wonderful isn’t it?

The auditioning starts July 25, Monday at 11am(PST) or 2am(EST)

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