Is Android The Future Of Mobile?

This may sound good to many of the people all around the world who are fond of using the Google’s open source Operating system on their smart phones or tablets. As we can all see that apart from the iPad all other tablets are running on the Android Platform and various articles even prove the success of the Android based models as Samsung has also claimed its success in the Galaxy Phones series which run on Android as well.

At this point we all people land up to a very simple question? Is Android going to become the future of the hand held portable devices or in simple words are the smartphones/tablets market be dominated by the Android model. As today I read an article on the the Hindustan Times in New Delhi where it said that the price difference that a normal phone and an Android phone will have in the near future is almost hardly $20, so why not go for this platform.

Marko Gargenta of Markana,Inc. explains Android For developers

This even proves as a great opportunity for various developers as this is completely open source and unlike the Apple iOS development this can be done on any computer such as on the Windows Platform, Mac OS or on the Linux Platform.
The iOS can only run on iPhone or the iPad or iPod and is made for development on the Mac OS and nowhere else, and this is the place where it is getting beaten up by Google’s Android.
Apart from this right now this proves the best alternative to the iPhone and various researchers even predict that this may takeover the iPhone in the near future.
So as predicted very soon this may take over the whole mobile industry and may prove as one of the best options for people.