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Originality Wins: Apple Will Turn Leader In Laptop Manufacturers

Formerly I had posted about Apple turning a powerful company as compared with Microsoft and Intel both taken together. That was just the beginning as how the company is claiming its place back into the industry. veterans of the IT industry call Apple as the original company of the industry and it can also be credited for a lot of things it has done for the people but how and where does it really make a difference?

The main question remains is how can we or somebody in the world can call Apple as an original company(although others aren’t fake) but I would ask all  of you a very simple question. Tell me something that Microsoft invented? I mean they came up with Windows which is remarkably amazing but obviously Apple came up with the idea of a GUI OS and they cam later. Similarly MSFT also came up with a product called Zune and the Windows phone but here too Apple went ahead as it owns the lovely iPod as well as the most amazing thing called the iPhone which is obviously one of the pioneering efforts behind the development of smart phones.

Although we may see all of this happening but as a study that comes up and a report that recently came up on the web a few days ago that said that

Apple will turn out to become the market leader as the manufacturer of Laptops in the forthcoming year.

And like everything even this came up with a few terms and conditions which was if the iPads are counted as laptops. Although we see the Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg speaking on this as according to him”iPad is not a laptop” but lets also have a look on all other  things that Apple has ever done for us like Mac OS X, iTunes or the iPod and the like.

Apart from all that above, Apple has acheived a great milestone now, that is

Apple is the worlds largest Smart phone Vendor.

Don’t believe it check this out.

Also the company has a great share value right now so the best part, the global trend setter of the IT industry is now on the lead.

Great Job !!

Or should I say Great JOBS !!