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Is The Technology Sector Growing or Moving Towards a Blast ?

This is a great question one can imagine about. Companies such as Apple, Microsoft and Facebook the ones you know the ones who form the main face of the technology industry in some way or the other, are they seriously increasing or are they moving towards another bubble blast, as all is what we know that if a thing rises it will do till an extent till the time it will start falling. May be anything.

Recently we saw three big success which was obviously astounding for a lot of us in some way or the other and this also led to prove so many facts.

  1. Apple became the worlds largest vendor in the smart phone market,
  2. Apple is soon to become the leader of Laptops as well, and
  3. The total value of Apple is more than that of Microsoft and Intel combined.
Now this definitely makes a person do a thumbs up. I mean this may be something that may blow your a mind of a person as you may see Microsoft on almost every computer but still Apple is more than that. Its like Apple has once again commenced its name as the king as it was sometimes in the late 70’s. The biggest of all these achievements we see is

Apple Has More Money Than The US Govt.

This is definitely gorgeous, moving out of the Apple scenario we also see the phenomenal success of Facebook, Twitter as well as companies such as Path and Mashable which are simply start-ups and also the open source biggies such Media Wiki(Wikipedia) and WordPress(Automattic).
I think I don’t need to really explain what is really happening in the industry and like where is it going, obviously it is climbing straight upwards and is not facing down. But what if we see a slip while climbing up(I remember Wolverine slipping down the mountain while chasing Sabertooth,LOL) but what if this somewhat comes to a standstill.
Ok, another practical example for all those who have seen the movie The Social Network. We all saw how Mark Zuckerberg in the movie borrowed $1000 to start The Facebook where he had to do all the hosting setup himself and the whole coding tasks as well. But today every time I read Mashable I find a new social networking website cropping up and gaining popularity(Have a look at Google+). Even if you want to start a website you can do it in a few hours by installing WordPress on any shared web host that too in about a $100(in fact less than that).
Here is what it is, we see the easiest way where we can see the tech industry growing and maybe it will, but what is we experience something that happened to us about a decade ago. Yes people I am talking about the boom, A blast or the Bubble blast that happened and led a lot of investors as well as the shareholders lose their money and entrepreneurs their pride.
So what if we experience another bang. I am not discouraging but till a certain extent preparing all of you to be ready for whatever happens, we will be here and we stand united !