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A Place on The Web For Domain Hackers

Domain hacking, as has always been a fun way to be on the web and this sort of practice that has been there for a long period of time and the most famous example would be del.icio.us. Also the WordPress creator Matt Mullenweg uses a domain hack. So how do you figure out which domain is the best for you?

A web service called Xona Domain Hacks provides people or users with the ideas of domain hack. It does so in a few quick steps and all for free as there is nos premium or paid program that exists with this service.

One has to go and type a simple key work or the selected work in the search box of the website and hit enter and the next one would be seeing is the list of all the domain hacks one can have. Also the another thing to mention out here is that a user needs t check out with the domain registrars or WHOIS services to see of the domain name is already registered or not as this service doesn’t do that for the people. This service is provided by Xona, a game studio.

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