Is Apple Headed For An iPhone Nano ?

For all of thiose who call themselves as fans of this lovely compny called Apple Inc.there may be something that will literally amaze you all in such a way that you may find hard to avoid it. The world’s beloved smart phone better called the iPhone which has been Apple’s key to the top of the world may see a new face very soon.

As the day Apple climbed to the top of the smart phone vendors defeating Nokia and Samsung from the race had made its way up to become the undisputed leader but what is it if it doesn’t stay there for a lot of time. I mean Nokia still has 100s of models and so does Samsung but Apple has only one, that the iPhone.

In fact when Apple turned as number one it was the biggest question that was there in my mind all the time and something that I was asking almost everybody around me with a shock. But as we see the rise of Android as well as the fact that Samsung is really doing well in smart phones Apple is up to something to make it position permanent. As Apple proceeds and we also get to know about the legal battles that both the companies have faced in the past both these companies will also show some type of competition being the top in the list of smart phones too.

As it has been said Apple which is always doing something innovative may be busy with another  form of the iPhone which may soon hit the markets. As we see various people have various answers to this fact as we see the website The Tech Labs predicting that Apple may take more of the market share with the introduction of this model.This is what even we expect as the company will try its best to make its position at No. 1 permanent. Whereas we see another detailed research on this by popular website Cult Of The Mac.

What ever this may be this may be an effective move by the company so a big thrill for all the people around the world who are using the products of the company.