Celebrating The Birthday Of The Web

The World Wide Web, or simply known as WWW by a lot of people is something I really don’t need to describe. The person who first created this innovative tool never know that this would become so friendly for the people all around the world that even the kids would be addicted to this.

On this day in 1990, Sir Tim Burners Lee for the first time launched a web page on the internet that was to be the first ever website in the world. The page doesn’t have anything in it except for a few details of the person and the computer he used to build the websites and rest of that. The main thing that this tool became a sensation. If you want to have a look at this have a look at the world first WebSite.

Today as we all proceed with various biggies like Google and Facebook we also remember that day which made all the things go significantly different for almost every single human on this planet because of the infinite connectivity we all people have and have seen, where a person can have a conversation sitting in a corner of the planet with another person who too is there on the exact opposite corner of the planet. And the most significant part is that all the process of communication is free and no body is paying anybody except for your ISP.

Today we respect the birth of one of the biggest technologies and a grand salute to Sir Tim Berners Lee for making this possible.

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