macbook air 2011

The All New Mac Book Air Review

Apple has unveiled the all new Mac Book Air which is the slimmest laptop in the world.This time the device comes up with a lot of new updated features and becoming various of the problems it had in the past.

The all new laptop has the following features this time:

  • Latest Intel Core Processors: The device is fully quipped with the latest i series processors and not the Core 2 duo any more.
  • Faster Data Transfers: The data transfers are also sort of faster than ever before with the Thunderbolt technology in the computers now.
  • Storage: The computer as of before is now also using the flash storage for its storage and that is how it will make almost every storage process faster that any other device on the planet.
  • Keyboard: This time it has a standard size back lit keyboard which is simply for making the typing more easier than ever before.
These are some of the key things we can think about and apart from all this the Mac Book as like every time has a lot to convey