Microsoft Gives Free X Box With Windows 7

How would it sound to you if I simply say that buy a Windows 7 PC and you will get an X-Box along with it. Well I think most of you would love to hear this out and that is what makes the whole thing unique. So if you are ready for this go ahead and grab your X Box as soon as possible.

The offer is by Microsoft for all the students. To get a free X Box one has to qualify for the following:

  • Should be a student,
  • Should buy a Windows 7 PC from the Microsoft Store
For more details the student can simply send their email address that should be a .edu email ID to Microsoft [via this link] and the rest of the information would be sent to the student instantly. Also this offer is selectively valid for some of the dealers and not if any students buys a Windows PC from any dealer they would get an X Box.

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