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Facebook To Be Destroyed On Nov’ 05

Biggest news that has ever seemed right now from the online social media world is a big challenge that would be faced by the worlds biggest social networking giant Facebook. The company that now boasts of one of the youngest CEO in the world is being challenged by an anonymous hacker group who aims to finish the name of the social networking website.

The start-up that begun during the early days of 2004 has been challenged globally by the Anonymous hacker group which is better known as AnonPlus claiming that they would be shutting down the website on November 5th of this year(i.e. 2011).

The group which challenged the social media company posted an animated sort of video on YouTube where they had an awesome description.

Also the whole description can be found just below the video. The company has also hacked several other sites and portals and to name a few biggies being hacked include News Corporation and the Pentagon.