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PhotoFunia: An App for Photo Fun

We all saw the success of on the iPhone which is simply a photo sharing application and almost everyday on The Next Web I see is a video interview of some one who has built a new iPhone app. So here I come out with an Android App : PhotoFunia(also there for iPhone).

PhotoFunia is an app available easily at the Android market and is a complete free app. With the help of this app one can edit photos in any way.

This app remains as one of the perfect choices for all those who are lack a professional knowledge and don’t know how to use photoshop or other softwares. Also the official website of this app has a huge collection of all the photos that have been created with this app. The only disadvantage one can see here is that the app can only run  when there is internet connection and doesn’t work as a standalone software.


Apart from all this the Android website gives it a rank of 4.5 and the user reviews are mainly positive.

Visit this app for various providers and try it out soon.

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