Motorola Acquired By Google

Latest buzz that comes out from the world of technology is this shocking news. the company that created one of the first cell phones in the world and the one that is known the best for its pioneering efforts on telecommunications is right now being acquired by Google.

The news came out virtually on the web with Motorola reporting the whole news when the article called “Leveraging a long history and building for the future” reporting that the online advertising and the search giant Google has finally confirmed that it would be acquiring Motorola Mobility that is the mobile devices section of the whole company for $12.5 billion.

This acquisition would be beneficial for the company Google as it would support the best for its Android Platform and Google will turn a strong rival to iPhone(its closest competitor right now) as it will have the whole device manufactured by itself. Also it will provide benefits to Motorola as the company would continue enjoy its independence and would work as a dedicated team under the surveillance of a company like Google which already has proved itself victorious in terms of employee satisfaction. The whole report was also mentioned by Larry Page on the Google Blog.

With all this happening we are quite sure that there would be more news related with this soon. Check out soon for more and the biggest thing that strikes my head is what will Google buy next???