Who Is The Best Domain Registrar?

All the people who are thinking of starting their business online or have already started may think about this, as who gives the best in domain registration. Now someone can also answer in a very simple way as the best domain means what like we should get the domain and that’s it start working on it, but guys it’s a lot things different from getting a domain. I’ll explain you all.

So what are the common things that we should keep in mind while getting a domain name is what matters a lot. Because we all don’t have name servers we would be using a lot of DNS records and A Records for out website which is hosted on some other server. The main thing that matters is the service that we people get and at what cost? I would explain you it by giving an example.

Initially when I started Axetue.com I even thought domain registration was simply to get a domain name and start but I understood it well when I registered my domain Indiatimes.com. It was almost a week with no conformation from them and after almost 10 calls a day + 5 emails a day I finally got my login name and password. And another shocking thing they don’t provide you with the full control of your domain they’ll just allow you to change the name server and nothing else, NO DNS CONTROL.

Now I understood and the nest time I started my new website as I had learnt a great lesson I went to Godaddy to get my domain and guess what it provided me the full control of the domain with all the DNS and name server settings and the whole processing time that was required was just 1 HOUR. Imagine the difference between the two. For me it provided the best and the most user-friendly.

As if someone asks me then I would surely say that Godaddy as said is the best in domain registration. If you would like to search for you domain name the please check it out and go ahead register you domain.

Click Here to Check Out GoDaddy.