Google & Motorola, What Would It Be For Us?

We all recently saw this big happening thing that happened in the field of technology and almost amazed a lot of people around.But how will this benefit the customers or the common people who are using their technologies? This is the biggest question one faces right now.

This big acquisition may be interpreted in many ways for a lot of people throughout the world. For a lot of studies being conducted by a lot of researchers in this field we can easily come up with many results. But for me either of these two can happen:

  • The people will benefit
  • The people Won’t benefit
Now you must be thinking I’m so stupid saying this as you will easily get to think of these two possibilities. Actually we can see for the first instance where the people would benefit. Now Google will get an amazing device that would be powered by Android so the best thing happens as the same company will get to analyse the device as well as the software easily and that will lead to reduction in the loopholes that lead to security breach for the phones(although we haven’t heard of any security breach happening in any Android phones). Google will also have a control over the Android market as it would be having its own device. As the report from the Business Insider says that Google made this deal to Protect the Android Ecosystem.
Also the whole details has been published on the website as a conversation between Larry Page & Andy Rubin the founder of Google and Android respectively.
Whatever may be the predictions but the main thing is what we all would be seeing happening soon.