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How To: Fix Malware On Your Website

Yesterday, I was just checking out my personal website when I was shocked to see the screen flashing that said that : This website is not safe and is distributing malware for the past 90 days”. I mean I never used to place any malware on my website I just used to blog and publish my songs. Then how did this happen all of a sudden.

The reason is that my website had a compromised security which led the hackers enter it easily and create this sort of a nuisance for me. You can see more of this nuisance here which has been published by The Redled Blog. Anyways are you also seeing this happen with you, then let me tell you over a period of time your site too has been hacked.

How To Fix This Problem

You can do the following :

Sol 1(WordPress/Drupal/MT Users)

  • If its a WordPress site then I would suggest you to download the backup copy(Tools > Export). The go to your wp-content and get all that media you need such as pictures and music. Download it all and save it somewhere handy. After this delete your site completely.Make it something like it never had existed.

You must be thinking I am crazy telling you this but my dear friends this is the easiest way you can handle this problem. The main things you should keep in mind while doing this is:

  1. Check if you have the same theme you use on this site, cause you will be re installing it.
  2. A list of all the plugins that you had here or download the plugins folder in case you think that that is not risky.
Done with it, i think it won’t take more that 15-20 minutes to get your WordPress site re-installed and running.
  • Sol 2 (All Users)

    The other thing is that have a look at these to amazing tools for checking out malware. if you think that your website is not really infectious yet and can be easily protected and saved because it is only having the malware at certain places that you tend to check it out.

    Online Malware Check Tool

    With the help of this you can easily check the malware on you website and if you find you can fix it it would be really great. This option goes for all those who won’t be able to re install their site or they don’t have a backup for it. Also read this post as this lists some of the important problems and if you could find any of these easily.
    Once you are done with the fixing process then you can easily report this thong to Google so that it can do a review for you and your website has a safe reputation on the web.This option is available at Google webmasters. Also when you are done with this I would recommend you to kindly read this small post on Security on WordPress so that this sort of problem never happens with you in the future.