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Tools To Check Malware On Your Website Online

These days there are lot of websites and blogs which are prone to getting attacked by a lot of hackers who tend to do something or the other with those websites and turn them as the distributors of malicious software. So it may have had happened with a lot of people that they had found their website in serious situations.

The only way to get out of this is to read this post that explains how to fix this issue if you are seeing the Notice as YourSite  contains malware. Your computer might catch a virus if you visit this site.

For all those I have 3 amazing tools as to how you can check your website and if it is containing any such happening with your website.

On this website you have to simply type your domain name in the scan box so that the website starts inspecting your site and tells you the whole summary of it. If it says no threat found then its safe you can think that your website would be functional like normal in a couple of hours.

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The company that is best know for creating the free and open source anti virus and with a lot of users still relying on it fort he safety of their computers this website has an online tool for scanning your website and telling you if it is our of threat or not. Simply as you did in the previous option type your website domain URL and wait for it to make a check on it. If it says safe then wonderful and if not try fixing it.

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This is also a great tool for checking your website. You can use it by just pasting this on your URL bar of your browser<Your Target Website Address>
Such as if I do it for my website it would be
The result would be displayed soon.
According to my personal suggestion I would ask you all to check your website’s vulnerability in the above mentioned all the forms just to be on the safest side. And if you find any kind of threat then check out here about how you can easily fix it. The biggest advice that I can give is ” Don’t Panic”.
Also check out the best security measures for WordPress so that you always be on the safer side.