How To: Convert Pictures to PDF Online

For a lot of people who think PDF files are one of the best way to store or exchange files here is an amazing website for all those. Although there are a lot of softwares available in the market but still these websites make the most of it.

A website or a web service by BCL Technologies called pdfonline.com offers online services for the conversion of any file to pdf format. The files can be documents or pictures and the resultant images are always of crystal clear clarity.

The website has a simple process and the whole process of uploading and conversion can not take more than 2-3 minute. The service is completely free and requires no registration. Also there are a lot of positive feed backs about this service on the website’s main page. The converted pdf files are emailed to the user in the email ID that has been specified.

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A lot but more of the people generally prefer using online services than getting a software installed on their computers. What do you think about this. Do share your views.

  • Hey Its awesome that you do it online but their is also a privacy issue that makes its importance. When you use an online service you are providing them with your private information. What do you say about that?

    • Yeah thats completely true although i think that the companies who have a good name of theirs in the industry won’t ever see this as an issue as they have a good privacy policy. And above all if we see then you are perfectly right as this issue remains and that is where the softwares outcross online apps 🙂