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Gmail Soon To Get A New Screen

Gmail the worlds one of the most popular email service by Google is soon to get a refresh on its home screen .A preview of the new screen has been available.

The company is currently putting the new screen under beta testing and the sneak peak is available at the official site. The preview to the new home screen is available on the footer of the Gmail screen.

As far as I am concerned I think this look is somewhat inspired by the looks of Google + which somewhat has this sort of a color combination. We hope this new look of the website goes a success. Also would like to know what you dot think about this re-modelling by the company.

Have  A Sneak Peak

  • Good going Google, its mainly trying to turn everything into one single type, so that all look the same. Even a few days ago came out a news that said that the company would be mainly focusing on re branding everything even the ones that don’t have the Google banner on them such as Blogger.

    • Ur ryt, it would be re-branding everything soon. You know what soon it will become a vast business empire like their is News corp. Group.