6 Blogs for New Bloggers

According to the statistics presented by Google there are almost 175,000 blogs registered everyday, but how many of theme really make it to the top. OK, not also the top but also till a certain extent that they can really make a difference to the lives of the people all around. I think hardly any. But here I am with a certain answer to all those who really want their blogging life to be a success.

For all those who think they would be turning very successful bloggers some day in the future should surely have the feeds of the following blogs in their RSS readers.

A blog created and maintained by blogger Daniel Scocco who has previously been an advise on to various big organizations including th Unites States Govt. and other big private players all throughout created this blog as a digest for bloggers throughout. It generally comes out with regular updates about certain simple things that the bloggers forget about.
This is certainly the website meant for all those who don’t like the help of any external person for coding of their website instead would like to do this themselves. All the best hacks and tips for  coders and hackers all at one place.
So finally we get to the best traditional website for bloggers which has proved it self to be the best among the best in providing tips to newbies. The blog which was created by Darren Rowse and is considered one of the most reliable places to learn.
The website by Envato and one of the biggest known celebrity in the blogging world Collis Ta’eed. The man has been providing educational tips related with Photoshop,WordPress and many more things that will surely make a blogger come up with various productive results
The biggest blog from India and by the IIT blogger Amit Agarwal who provides one of the best tips related with open source blogging and many more things.
Another big blog by big celebrity Yaro Starak who has come up with the best ever tutorials for bloggers. Also a free course that he came up with for newbies and has been called as the best free course ever for bloggers.
The person who created one of the best themes for WordPress Thesis which is almost used by over 30K people teaches almost anything and everything for all those who feel like learning.
Also see…

The above tools are the ones which I have found to be the best for all, I mean the ones that can allow people to learn coding or hacking tips as well as the best looks and functionality one can give to their blogs. Apart from all this one blogger should always have original ideas for content so that he or she may really make the best out of it.

If you have also come across any such big blog which you think I have missed out please list it out here in the comments !
Have a nice time blogging.
  • Dan

    Awesome list buddy, and you missed out nothing as such !

    • Even I think I got the best here but M kinda sure some would have been left out, lets see although thanks for reading and appreciation 🙂