How To Generate Php.Ini in Shared Hosting [Video]

This tutorial is about generating a Php.Ini file in shared hosting environment and not about editing it. If you already have created the Php.Ini file then you can easily edit it by reading this tutorial here.

For all those people who are using Php as a tool for creating their websites baically the ones who are using WordPress or any similar CMS may require to edit their php.ini file for various purposes the main being extending the memory for the WordPress site/blog.

This requires no copy-pasting of any code and so you can easily do this by watching this small screen-cast explaining you almost everything related with creating a php.ini file which would be a lot useful to you.

The whole screencast in text form is here:

  • Go to your cPanel in your shared hosting.
  • Scroll down to the place that shows Softwares/Services and in that tab click to open php config.
  • Have a look at the three options present you have to select the second option which is PHP 5(single php.ini),  by default PHP 5 is enabled. After this click Save Changes.
  • The scroll down the same screen and click on Install default PHP.INI.
  • Now go to your file manager and see the file php.ini.default occuring in your public_html folder. Rename it to php.ini.
Thats it, now you can easily download it to your computer or make any changes online. To edit it to allot more memory to your Php.ini see here.