How To Increase Php Memory Limit in Php.Ini [Video]

Hey everybody, I hope you all know till now what a php.ini file is and how to generate it as I have well described about it in the previous post with a screencast along with it. Now as you know how to generate it you have to simply edit it to make a change so that you will be able to allot more of the space to your php scripts present in your server.

Please note that this memory change that you would be doing is allotting more of RAM to your php scripts so that they can function better even if you have tons of traffic to your blog. So before all this you should contact your host to check if this much of RAM is available or not.If you are self hosting then also check this out with your servers.

Although everything is easily defined in the screencast above but still her I have it in text form:

  • Go to PHP.INI file that you generated before.
  • Download it to your computer or simply edit it online(using code editor).
  • Do a quick search for the word “memory”(without quotes)[using ctrl+F]
  • In the place where it would be mentioned 32M change it to 64M,96M or 128 M or what so ever you think you require. I think 128M works the best and is easily available but in some cases you may require more.
  • Make sure you do this change at both the places first in the beginning 128M and next in the ending of the line within the brackets such as (128MB)
Thats it .You’re work is done although if you think you are facing any problems then contact your host. Before doing the above step you should have generated the php.ini file and should have an access to it.