Twitter Becomes a $4 Billion Company

For all those people like me who still consider Twitter as not to be a social networkin company and just a mere website where the people can just go ahead to put their status updates can have a great answer here. It has now turned to become a big company as of before.This news was shared by Sharepost which is a service for buying and selling of shares just of private companies like twitter or Facebook and itĀ confirmsĀ that twitter has turned to become a $4 Billion company. This year as Facebook shocked the people with raising of its $500 Million for its regular working which even confirmed that the company will not turn as public any more and a lot of rumors which it accompanied such as it being shut down or running lack of space which is hardly true.

Any way now twitter has really becomes a great place for a lot of people and this certainly proves as a great news foe Twitter fans worldwide.