How To: Increase WordPress Memory Limit

For all those people who have already increased their Php memory limit for their websites will have to do this last step in order to allot more of the space to their WordPress website. This is as simple process as were the others and would hardly take a few minutes more.

Please note that you should have already done the PHP upgrade before doing this step. If you haven’t then this hack won’t work. have a look at this screencast and read the tutorial below.

So as you saw it was that simple. Now have a look at the text below:

  • Go to your cPanel and search your wp-config.php.
  • Then in the beggining of the file just after the <?php tag paste the following code:
//increase WP Memory Limit
define('WP_MEMORY_LIMIT', '128M');
  • Thats it.You’re work over.
Now go to your WordPress site an dcheck out what has happened. Also please note that you have to paste the above code in the beginning and not the end and if you do so then it won’t work.
Still Doubts ask in the comments.
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