Google + Vs. Facebook Is equal to A Complete Nuisance

Google Plus went public today.In other words it is now open for the public to use it or not to use it. For so many days as I was using the service as a beta user I simply found out some things something that is completely unique out of this service which led me to this question, Are Facebook and Google Plus really competitors?

Most probably I think if you do a simple search on any of the search engine or on any social media blog you would simply find many people do a lot of investigation into this and also post various of the stuff on it comparing to various of the features of both the websites.

For a lot may also say that after the launch of Google+ Facebook has changed drastically and also introduced many new things. But why is it that I still consider that these two are not competing. These are some of the simplest reasons :

  • Ever imagined a friend request in Google+. No, but there is something like this in Facebook.
You can simply add the person to your circles or somebody is adding you to their circles. i mean now  Facebook too has a system to subscribe but how can this thing really resemble Facebook being a competing thing? I think this is a challenge to Twitter or may be Digg(wait a second! Give me a break) ?
  • You don’t have any business page or something like this in Google Plus yet you still have this in Facebook.
This is where another thing lies as well. You create the same thing for everything, where Facebook is giving a different sort of a viewpoint for this. I mean Google Plus is not headed in the same direction as of Facebook so why the hell should it worry about going the same way.
  • Facebook may have stolen from the Winklevoss but it didn’t have any design issues.
Mark Zuckerberg may have been credited for stealing the idea form the Winklevii but ahtever the design you see is there in Facebook is something that they have created. Now you also see Mysapce but it looks different from Facebook. Finally to the point have a look at Facebook and Google Plus. You have the answer.
The main point is that Google Plus is on the way to kill various companies or entities that are not as big as Facebook. If you check the web you will get to know that Facebook on the business terms but what about all those who have nothing to do with these two. Facebook has certainly claimed its position as the king of social networking but Twitter and Digg haven’t yet. This may also give way to G+ to do something different than FB and make itself another reigning king!