3 Big Reasons Why Google Plus May Fail

Google may have been one of the  most dominating companies ever the computer industry has seen as well as the ruler of Alexa rankings and the probably the name of the internet but there is a place where the scene may be diminishing, The place which is called Social media or social networking.

Already as we all know it well that Google has been trying its hand hard on social networking and that included its flagship Orkut and subsequently Google Buzz although it didn’t get the buzz that it supposed to have. The main point that we see here with the introduction of Google Plus these may be the reasons which may not show a good way for the web service to be a complete hit.

1. No Friend Requests = No Excitement

Imagine for a second you like a girl/boy(depending on your tastes) who is there in your class in school. You send that person a friend request on Facebook and wait for her/him to accept or decline it. This give you an excitement which may make you to check your profile about a 100 times a day. This would never happen in  G+as there is no system of friend requests ! You may be checking your profile several times at Facebook just to know if a person accepted your request or not but in the whole process you are simply adding to page hits as well as the website ranking which is totally beneficial to the company, in other words a commercial success !

2. Add To Circles, Hello there is somebody called Twitter

For all those people who are more or less acquainted with the web must have heard of Twitter which is a lovely service to post status updates or sharing links. This is the pioneering thing that made us socialize so easily on the web as if you are watching any cool video or reading an awesome article then you can simply share it even with a million followers. So if Google is making you “Add to its circles” then what is twitter for?

3. Welcome “Facebook Subscribe”

Finally to add more woes to the social media trouble ever created by Google Facebook too is having a new thing called “Subscribe Button” that is something like “Adding to circles”. Now I thing all those celebrities who are there at FB won’t have to face the hectic problems of checking their friend requests and the rest instead there is something that gives Facebook a new feel and a challenge to Google Plus.

Of all the reasons have said above one can easily foresee the failure of Google Plus soon if the company doesn’t take any sort of big and innovative decision