Android Development : A Beginners hand on App Development

Statutory Disclaimer : This article is not meant for any experienced Android developer instead is meant for all those who think they want to develop Android apps and know nothing about Android.

Greeting from the Android community! Welcome to the world of future mobile computing. Yes people Android is soon going to dominate the world mobile scenario and because of which an app developer should seriously know about it. So if you have decided you are going to make the next happening app then don’t turn around, look forward.

As you know Android is completely free and open source and runs on all the operating systems any computer may work out.

By saying any computer I also mean that your computer should be at least of the descent level(with sufficient amount of RAM and Hard Disk) so that it doesn’t create any hurdle for you. The more the better. The real process starts now.

Get the SDK From Android developers

Once you have a computer that is running Ubuntu, Windows XP or Mac OS then you have to simply head on to this website and get the SDK. what is an SDK, it stands for Software development Kit and has various of the basic functions and tools that would be installed on your computer where you can easily run to start your Android development.

Get An IDE (Eclipse Preferred)


And IDE stands for Integrated Development Interface. In short it would be a software that you have to install and after it is installed it will recognize all the SDKs present on your computer or scripts. Such as you have the Android SDK so it would be recognizing that and then would be providing you and awesome platform to start your work. I found Eclipse to be the best among all and it is also recommended by Google so go ahead and get it or read more.

Get Eclipse

After you do this install the ADT plugin in Eclipse or else it won’t recognize Android

OK thats it.Wasn’t it easy.It should take some time for you to get this set up done. Now you should head on to the Google website and see how you can get familiar with the developing platform of Android and create awesome application. Also one of the most important thing you would be getting to know in the future is what is the difference between an Emulator or Device? Know it well

Create awesome apps and do let me know about it.