Get To Know Who Unfollowed You on Twitter

Twitter, an amazing service which can be practically used by anybody and is also a great source to make money online. If talking specifically then it is one of the best ever tools made for bloggers as it allows a greta way to share among a lot of people. Also comes up a point where people decide who to follow and who not but how would one realize who is unfollowing you?

The process of checking out who has unfollowed you on Twitter is likely very simple. Just log on to a website which is called Who.Unfollowed.Me which is basically a domain hack web service based on

A user has to simply log in into the service with his/her Twitter account and then can easily access various tools in it. The basic free version include :

  • Checking who unfollowed in a 15 minute duration
  • A 7 day statistical report

Thats not it but I found these two points to be necessary as well as there are advanced features available in the pro version.

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