Facebook Timeline May Be A Threat For Google +

It is not long that we got to hear of the upcoming feature of Facebook timeline which is considered to be one of the substantial or  big change for all the users but it seems as if the problems have already begun for the company even before the launch of this all new thing.

Although this thing is all over the web the story is that a Chicago based web company which has sued Facebook as a trademark infringement occurs. The company called Timelines, Inc. operates a website called Timelines.com which allowed the users to check the famous timelines of the world like how Barack Obama became the president of the USA.

Anyways how can this service if ever comes out to the  public can become a a threat to maybe G+ because today the company declared that it would be delaying the release of the service. The biggest reason that we can see is

The New Design and Completely Refreshed Look

The new look that would be showing the complete history and the happenings of your time in FB as well as in a very attractive way. The main factor where Google Plus came ahead of Twitter was of a very user friendly platform although still lacked various things. Facebook although on its way may seem to go ahead quite well and due to which it may also be one of the biggest web companies as well as may be the leading social network of the future.

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