India Launches The Worlds Cheapest Tablet PC

We all have seen it easily that the tablet PC invented by Apple seem to be a big hit. Its large touch screen followed by plenty of apps are a great way to make the device a craze which totally makes sense for other biggies to also enter this scenario.

As some of us here in India are capable of getting the iPad or similar devices the Indian  Government finally launched the Low Cost Device which is to be called the Christened Aakash and would be as cheap as Rs. 2250(US$ 23). The device would be meant for all and the main  aim with this device is to close the digital divide and educate about technology to all the people of the country.

And as usual the country also has some special plans so the device would be cut to half price exclusively for students and would be available for Rs. 1125 (US$12)[I’m not kidding!] .Till now nothing has been said about the market launch of the product as yesterday on the launching ceremony the HRD minister of the country Mr. Kapil Sibal distributed 500 such devices to college students of the country.

The device has been developed by some of the hardworking people at IIT Rajasthan and other renowned institutes in India. The Govt. calls this step as the one like OLPC did, although we all people watching this also remember the failure of the Project Sakshat where the concept of cheap laptops came into existence.