3 Reasons Proving That Apple is Having a Bad Time !

We all got to know about the passing away of Steve Jobs who was one of the biggest innovators ever, how ever the biggest questions that arrive to the minds of a lot of people at this point is How this whole thing is going to affect Apple Inc.? May be yes or no. But how is this company not having a good time right now. This is how it is.

We all got to know several reasons right now but the 3 biggest reasons that i want to figure out why the company is having a bad are very logical.

  • iPhone 4S Blunder

We all saw the launch of the all new iPhone which I supposed(also many others) that it would be iPhone 5, damn it is not. The factor that iPhone still remains 4 couldn’t have had mattered to a lot of people if the design of the phone had a better or a different look. I mean we all look up to the company for these reasons, Superior Design! and the company well succeeded in killing all the excitement that one might have at this point, except for some new features introduced.
  • iPod nano, Is This New? Give Me  A Break !

The iPod Nano may have turned new for all the researchers inside Apple who may have changed the circuits inside or some of the chips inside the gadget but the worst is that the people won’t understand this issue. The all new iPod as said by the company looks the very same as it used to be with no change on the interface making the same blunder as of the iPhone 4S.
  • Steve Jobs, RIP

The founder of the company who dropped out from an esteemed college of the US just to make life of people better no more walks this planet. Not only a disgrace to the company Apple but also to all those companies who base the platform of their products on Apple products. The inventor of practically more that a 100 things(according to the patents he owns) the man would no longer be the part of the company making another unfortunate situation for the company all over.