Bill Gates The Businessman & Steve Jobs The Artist !

We all know the contribution of technology today and how it has turned so significant in our day-to-day lives. Well James Cameron may make the movie terminator and easily prove that the world would be destroyed by the hands of tech but we all have a different scenario in our mindsets right now with two biggies in the field which includes Apple Inc. and the Microsoft Corporation and the two people who had the ideas and capability to build both of these enterprises.

Bill Gates


Bill GatesĀ  I don’t think so this person needs any sort of introduction I see the illiterates in the villages who have nothing to do with technology also know him well because of his humanitarian as well as the philanthropic works. But still if you want to know more peep into Wikipedia. The man who started the company Microsoft just a year after Apple began has a lot to do with the computers world. He purchased the rights of a new platform software which is commonly known as the system software(without which a computer cannot run) from a small shop in Washington Seattle Computers and then forked it a bit to create the world first Disk Operating System better known as DOS. He and his friends finally went ahead with it and entered into a deal with IBM that led the man become the richest person in the world and the undisputed king of soft wares. People throughout the world consider the persona s a leader and a guy who inspired many to become what they are today. This is how this person turns to become the “Businessman” in the tech industry as he knew well how to monetize various aspects and serve the people in order to do a lot of things together

Steve Jobs

steve jobs apple

Now we move on to the other guy who from the same country built another big enterprise in the industry which also led him become the CEO of the year. A man with all the innovations in his mind and to prove this he is credited with the inventions of 230 big technologies for which he is credited with the patents. The person never had the money point of view in his mind but always focused on the designing aspect of his products with a streak of innovation embedded unto it. How ? it is Apple who said the buttons are not for the cell phones and led to the development of iPhone which is considered to have the best touch screen in the world. Apart from this Apple was the first company which could notice the difficulty in reading online newspapers in the smartphones and hence led to the development of its lovely iPad a digital tablet that can work wonders. All these have inspired other tech companies throughout the world and follow or rip off the innovative designs of the company. This is how the man the CEO or the Apple man proves himself as the ‘Artist’ or The ‘Innovator’ a different type of leader for the technology industry.