How Did Facebook become a revolution !

We all heard of the Myspace acquisition and the worst we saw was the amount that it was sold for. Apart from this the fact still lies that it was the one of the pioneering figures when it comes to social networking as a platform where people for the first time lived their lives on the web. So we all are through these facts and figures that are obviously all over the web in sort of way but how did Facebook make the whole story of connecting on the web?

I mean it was Myspace already on the top when Facebook entered the scenario, it was a part of News Corporation and it had the best hired up people inside its offices in the US so how did a new rival which was built inside the dorm room of Harvard University became such a big phenomenon that the whole definition of social networking became the description of the company.

Apart from the Myspace fact we also know that Google had launched its social networking website Orkut a month ago than Facebook and we already know that Google was a big thing till that time. May be a big thing but today on the charts its Facebook is the one with a better employee satisfaction than Google! Shocking, but this is where the business strategy makes a big difference and the two key points that I am going to highlight out here is something that I think the main reasons for the success of the company are:

  • First, it opened inside Harvard for Harvard. It’s obvious that you’re gonna go to the market to but a car worth $ 20,000 you’ll get it but what if Honda comes to your door and hand you over a new exclusive labelled car made for you which is may be for only $10,000. I don’t know about you but I’m sure I’ll go ahead for the exclusive one. The respect that one gets from being exclusive was the one that led to the success of the website within the campus of Harvard and slowly it expanded keeping in mind the business model to be around exclusivity and today its the main reason for success.
Another thing related with this is the model that Google + is following right now and would be there for a few more days. The thing is I get a lot of people asking me that ” Hey Shawn, Please send me an invitation to join Google Plus”  I mean I send them but what is this difference that we all see for Google + and people want to give it a try. It’s all because it’s not yet open to the public and due to which the people are cray for the exclusive Google website right these days. The word ‘exclusive’ really made the game that led to the eventual success of Facebook.
Facebook Ads
  • Second point I tend to believe is the model or the design the company had. I mean it didn’t allow the users to change the background of the screen frequently and the logos or the overall design of the page. This whole thing may not be of a proper sense to a lot of people who are reading this right now but this is how the things make a difference. If a page has  a lot of components to load then its obvious that the site may load too slowly. Also PHP which is one of the best scripting language is the one that the company depends on leading it to make a big difference. So the things that these people really achieved was great loading time for the site as well as the design of the site that was simple so that you don’t have pain in your eyes while viewing some or the other pages.
More or less these were the key points for the success of Facebook as an entity on the web and the rest other things such as apps and games and specially the developers API is something that also made a huge difference. But these are the main points that I believed that led to the success of the company as a whole.