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“Apple No More a Home”, Says Innovation

Innovation, I think this is the only word which makes and has always made the difference at Apple. In fact till a certain extent I strongly feel that the i before all the Apple products may be just because of the word innovation. But now it is being seen that the i may depart from the company. Why?

Before going into the details I would first tell you a very simple story about Apple which I believe most of you know. Steve Jobs the founder of the company was fired from the company when he was just 30. Who fired him? John Sculley then the CEO of the company who was hired by Steve. The reason being that the vision and the ideals of both the people didn’t match.

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One of them was John Sculley who was previously the president of PepsiCo. who knew well how to sell things(particularly sugar-water). This guy had well known the secrets of product marketing and wanted to make money by simply selling and on the run turning Apple Inc. into a shop.

The other guy was Steve Jobs who laid more emphasis on design and ethics than just selling. He knew well the people who wanted quality will always turn up to him and would get his product. So he laid the emphasis on innovation. This made him find the various treasures of the tech industry which no one else was ever able to find. He and his team were able to create the iPad, iPod Mac and various other things to name. In fact he was a person who has his name in more than a 100 inventions ! Sounds great.

But the worst that this guy is no more. We all know he passed away recently shocking the whole world and the industry on large. Apple on the whole would be surely missing his innovation and the way he redesigned various things for the world giving a new form and a perspective to various things to various people. Now after he is gone this is what we see. This is just a small list of how things have started changing at Apple although this may increase.

So this is how I wanted to say that Apple is losing and the loss would be forever. Its all because it lost its greatest friends, first Steve and then innovation !

What do you think?


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