2 Analysis About The Facebook Official iPad App

We recently got to hear of the announcement that the Facebook iPad app (as we previously predicted) has finally gone online and is  completely free and would be available for download. May be till now millions have already downloaded the app and have started using it but how is it going to affect other things?

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg may find iPad not to be a mobile device although it is considered on of the best things on the move by a lot of people around using it the main thing that we are going to discuss here would be primarily:

  • How this app is going to disturb third parties or other apps for present
  • How this app won’t be any good !

1. How this app Would Be Disturbing!

As the iPad is considerably an old device for now and millions of people around the world are having it and using it peacefully, the alternative Facebook apps for the devices had already been there. Two of which I can name right now would include Mypad and Friended. If a lot of people start migrating from these apps to the official apps then its obvious that these two apps would lose their market as it was for them before.
This is according to me the most disturbing move with the release of the official app although it still depends on the quality of things and the results would be soon out in front of us.

2. This App won’t Be Any Good !

So why do I think like this. I have two answers for this question. The first one I have already given you above which says that there are apps already for Facebook. So think if a person is well acquainted with an app before and may not switch to the app introduced by Facebook may make this app absolutely worthless and good for nothing. Another answer is the scene of iOS. The way Android is continuously growing its market and iOs losing to those devices another app for iOS may be nothing better.
Of all the attempts that the company did for this app may this app go good but as the situations are right now no one thinks this can ever happen.
Still wanna test the facebook app.

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