5 Hot Web Start Ups To Work For

Web start ups have proved it self as one of the best business now a days and anyone with a simple idea can take the digital world to the next level, be it an idea to connect people(Facebook) or an idea to post anything(Tumblr). The best thing these anew companies are in look of the best and the fresh talent that can work for them which make s all the differences.

So I have here some of the best start ups to name although some of these names may be so familiar to the people that they may not consider them as start-ups and instead as big old companies. To begin with these are those places which can give a strong boost to a persons career.

1. Facebook

I wanted to start with this name as this is something that is used by someone who doesn’t know anything about computers or the web. A platform that made the web a more open place and a place that made connections easy for a lot of people. In fact a Facebook account is something like a necessity for the people these days.

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2. Twitter

Another name from the social media industry which has made sharing a pleasurable experience for all. When the celebrities became overwhelmed with the friend requests at Facebook they turned here and found a great place to tell the world what they were doing. Not only this people can also make loads of money from this service, so this service ranks at no.2 for jobs.

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3. Automattic

The name behind the name WordPress. The world best and the most user friendly blogging software ever development came into its hosted form soon in 2005 with founder Mullenweg and is one of the hottest places to start a career with. With a lot of perks and freedom this company is a must watch for all those who want to make open source a definitely big thing for the people.

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4. Tumblr

Recently Mashable came up with a story that Tumblr had more blogs than WordPress.com. Well this is certainly true as this company with its hosted form of blogging has made it so easy that newbies to celebrities are using this to make a hype on the web. A company with lovely offices this is one of the places to watch out.

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5. Wikia

The name that came up from Wikipedia, when the Wiki founder and open source enthusiast was all done with his Wiki encyclopedia project he came up with an idea which made all the difference, a hosted form of MediaWiki. This made it possible for all those who hardly knew anything about hosting but could have an impact like Wikipedia.

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So if you have are just graduating or graduated or are a budding entrepreneur then do try to land yourself and get ready to begin with your web adventures.

  • These are great companies but their recruitment process is very tough

    • Certainly but not too high right now if you compare to Apple, Microsoft or Intel. Once you’re in here into any of the companies I bet your learning process would be an epic 🙂