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The 5 Big Blogging Mistakes !

Blogging may seem as one of the biggest online start ups for people world wide. Successful names that include Mashable or TechCrunch we all see the only reason for their success. Excluding the fact that they had good content which is the most common answer by a lot of people, they did somethings that are often not done by other people or the other way?

Once upon a time I heard an old saying in Hindi “Insaan ko sirf wahi milta hai jo uske takdeer me ho”.This simply meant that a human being only achieves that he or she is destined to be.Probably for people who enter the world of blogging this line may prove true till a lot of extent, and in the case you want to write your own destiny as a successful blogger then you can simply not do a lot of things too many people do.

So as according to me this is a simple list that describes certain things that bloggers should not do in order to succeed.

1. Change Site Structure Frequently

One big mistake according to me. Today when I search my website name “axetue.Com” on Google then I get the following screenshot.

An let me tell you this thing that it took almost a year for me to get this sort of a result. Why? Because I changed my sites structure a lot. The main link that appear on the header and the footer links or some of the other important page links such as “About Us” or more. If you change your main site links a lot and place them somewhere else then Google would be simply confused as to how to look at your site properly.

2. Changing Your Permalinks Structure or the Permalinks

The permalinks play an important role as they are the only way one can get to your site to read about anything so think once before changing it permanently. If you tend to change your permalink structure continuously then too your links may not be properly indexed by the search engines so resulting in a loss of traffic. And if you tend to change the existing permalinks a lot then obviously you will be creating a big hurdle for yourself, as the old link indexed by Google will turn dead finally loss of goodwill.

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3. Changing Your Theme or Color Scheme

Design is not only what it looks, it is what it works as

This is what most of the designers say, the structure of your theme for your site plays a very important role and if you simply go on and continuously change your theme then you may confuse a lot of people who are reading your blog on a regular basis. Secondly maybe 10% of people in the world are color blind(according to Wikipedia) but if you continuosly go on changing your color combination then you will surely have a bad day someday. The biggest example of this according to me is of Facebook and Myspace. Myspace who was the leader in social networking lost its entire space to the blue colored Facebook.

4. Changing Your Niche

Well this seems to be very logical but this is something that a lot of people tend to neglect. A lot of things on the web may be too interesting for the people & then the worst thing you blog about everything. And now just imagine what happens your reader will never get to know what you want to talk about. So finally they would quit. Best advice think over and set your niche and just blog about it.

5. Add up Plugins Which change almost everything

Plugins are like lifelines for a WordPress blog or site. The best thing people often use it and the worst people often misuse them. You add up too many plugins you are just over populating your website. If you just keep the plugins only for name sake and you think that you may use it in your future then do a simple thing that is save them in folder on your hard disk, not on your site. Also note that you should never risk adding plugins from unreliable sources. Also if you tend to have any coding knowledge do read the source code of the plugins and blog about them, because plugins dangerous are not good for your site !

If you think you have done any of the mistakes above then forget the past and have a great new start. Either rebrand your blog or start a new one and start counting your ways to success.

You think I missed out a point. Wow, please tell it to me and my readers below in the comments section !

Happy Blogging 🙂