4 Ways How Apple Changed The World

Once I was talking with one of my friends on Facebook about Apple and when I asked him to describe the company in his words he simply said “They are the agent for change”. And now when I have this list with me I can really see how did they make this world a better place to live.

To begin with all the revolutionary things that the company did for the whole digital industry are simply remarkable and some of them are here.

  • Created the iPhone & Came out Galaxy + Android

The company introduced the iPhone in 2007 as a very innovative form of smartphone which at that time didn’t have a button in it(except for the home button) and was something like a computer which can be carried in a pocket. For many people today who may compare Nexus, Galaxy as well as the iPhone may simple say that the latter is nothing or its is just over charging but hello, it is the pioneer of all the things you see right now. Even in the way you look at it.
  • Created the Mac OS and Gave us Windows!

The operating system that we see on every mans computer and the operating system used by the top designers of the world are not really too different as one may think about it. Apple introduced the Mac OS and was unable to patent it but it was one of the initial things to show us how we can use a pointing device and use the graphical interface to use the platform and this is how Windows also came up with may be being more commercialized than artistic.
  • Created the iPod and Gave us Various MP3/Music players

We may all call a Phillips portable music player as an iPod or any low quality Chinese music player the same but hello the original thing that is the iPod is really different than all others. The thing that was created by Apple that made possible to download and listen to music without any other physical device is something that changed the music industry.
  • Created the iPad and gave us so Many Tablets

As I am a great fan of Android I eagerly waited for the all new Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 to hit the market as the best part that I can think about is the big screen. But wait a second there is obviously something called the iPad by Apple which struck the scene on the first place. For all other things such as Dell Streak and Blackberry Playbook there is the first name that comes up every time that is ofcourse iPad.

Bonus Point

Invented Siri and Gave us ………?

Apple has recently introduced Siri and amazing feature that shows how we can talk with our iPhone. I think its not a  too much time when this technology may also come out to other phones.
As Steve Jobs said,
You can never connect the  dots looking forward, you can only connect them looking backwards.
And today when we connect the dots of the digital industry we see how well Apple did the work once and forever.
  • In short, Apple increases the competition in technology world. hence, result in form of various awesome gadgets.

    • Exactly mate, You got the point 🙂 😛

    • Wow! Great to find a post knokicng my socks off!

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