Siri Comes To Android, Its called Iris !

The all new iPhone 4S although had nothing new in it except for one new thing that really excited a lot of people all around the world in some way or the other was Siri. This app which allowed a person to speak with his/her phone and get meaningful replies in exchange is now here for Android.

If you think that you heard me wrong then you’re completely right and the best part it is free. The most shocking part is that if the people who designed this app only took hardly 8 hours to design this. This app is currently available in the Android market is completely free of cost and is in its development stage(alpha version).


Also if you note carefully then it is also the reverse of Siri(which is Iris) and the word itself also makes perfect sense. So as you may imagine about this the app is not yet perfect but surely worth a try !

Get The App | Official Site