Paralyzed Women Walks After 23 Years(Video)

Shocking but true. People may give up but this has really proved that miracles may exist or not but surely something that exists is the will power that the humans have. A shocking incident all the way completely for you.
A woman named Delia Knox who is about 46 year old was paralyzed after a drunken driver hit her car and for the past 23 years she has been on the wheel chair or on the bed.

We also have the video for you here(above) which shows the lady walk. As she was healed she describes it as she went to a meeting with preacher Nathan Morris earlier this year, she had no idea healings were happening.
She was quoted saying to the Press Trust Of India “I wanted to get in the presence of God. I knew it was an evangelistic meeting but I didn’t know healings were taking place. To be honest I’ve stayed away from healing meetings.
“Then all of a sudden I felt a voice which I knew was the Holy Spirit saying to me, ‘Get up’, and I felt feeling in my legs and then faith came on me to walk. I walked and walked and felt I had entered another realm,”