Email Gets A new Style

We all are well aware as what role the internet is playing in our lives and how much it helps us in communication. But according to a lot of researches people say that instant chat systems as well as other mobile communication has overtaken emails and now it is being considered boring by a lot of people.Even all the major leaders such as Yahoo and Hotmail have also reported in the decline in the its users. So is this the end of the email service we all people are seeing or is it giving rise to some other technology that may be better. All these questions answered here.

As we all people know that Facebook the Social networking giant based in California has already shown its success in its field and has competed with all its competitors. And we also said it is going to enter the email scenario. What is it all about? Is it making the same thing as of Gmail and yahoo mail or something new as it generally does.
As we all people know that today email has taken the Bing form and people generally use instant messaging systems on Facebook or Gtalk and others to communicate on the internet. As when interviewed a person said that it has a boring type of format as firstly you have to sign up into your ID and then type a formal message or so and send it and finally wait for the other person to answer.
Now obviously it is better to use the instant chat system, so companies such as Facebook have the answer to all these things. It has completely deleted the Cc and Bcc options from its interface that is under development right now.And hitting the enter key can immediately fire off the message to the person you intend without typing any other paragraph as we all do it in the chat systems. The executives from the company say that it would be really time-saving and more user-friendly.