Now Free Phone Calls With The Help Of An App

We all may be aware of the phone call prices that may be very low (in countries such as United States or India) or may be too high in some countries. This makes the cell phone or simply the telephone simply a type of a useless device for a lot of people. So try and imagine if the calls become completely free for all, I mean unlimited hours but but no charges. Seriously Unlimited hours and you got to pay nobody on this planet(ofcourse you have to charge the battery) but what if this is true. Finally social media has made this possible as well for a lot of people on this planet. Indian social networking website which is owned and operated independently by Ibibo Web Pvt. ltd. has now come out with an application of its own with which a user can make free phone calls.

One has to do the following in order to make free calls:

  • Make a Login ID on iBibo which is completely free, and
  • Install this app on your phone, and
  • Thats it man…..

These are the simplest steps one has to follow to get free calls.

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