Twitter Likely To Be Acquired By FB or Google

Somedays ago we had a news on on our front page which said that Twitter,Inc. the microblogging champ has turned to become a $4Billion company and is soon growing. Its quite obviuos that it in the best micro blogging service ever on this planet and has also proved as a great resourse for many people. But is there some plans as like this website being acquired by some other big person in this field. May Be True.Some days before we reported the acquisition of Techcrunch which is one of the leaders in the blogging revolution and so did Huff Post also got acquired. the best thing both were shopped by the same big man thats AOL. And now comes out another striking story which says that there is a race between Google and Facebook both of them are revolutions on the internet who are upto purchase this great website called Twitter.

This news was first reported by The Wall Street Journal and later on Blog champ Gigaom also had a story regarding this. The website or thye company is likely to be acquired for a whooping $10 Billion. The Times Of India also has a similar article on its newpaper(Read Here).

Now all upto these companies as who is to be acquired and when is it to be acquired.

Best Of Luck, FB,Google and Twitter.