What Is iPod-itis?

I think a lot of people and specially teen agers are well aware of this word called “IPOD” which is a the media player manufactered and marketed by the American electronics giant Apple,Inc. Apart from this we all are also aware of the fact that this is one of the finest media player available throughout the world and the best part one can imagine about in this gadget is that it has a great sound and a design making it trendy for the people to carry it around. But is this capable of making you deaf. Oh Yes It is……So this may be the most shocking part but yes my dear people this is true.The researchers throughout the world have carried out several researches and have found out that the people who listen to this on the highest volme then they might be a target to a disease called ipod-itis and similar thing can also happen if you are using the Microsoft Zune or any other media player.

These gadgets are simply amazing but the worst part arises when you listen to it on the highest volume which echos the sound inside that of the ear and can also make the ear go deaf. So as a result one may permanently also lose his or her listening skills.

Can you get rid of this. Yes you surely can.I don’t say to stop hearing or using these devices but it is really adviced to

  • Get the best headphones for use such as the ones manufactured by creative or Sony and the whole lot of great electronic people around in the market and
  • Listen at a very low level(I promise the song won’t bite you, I’m a musician)

So nothing to worry about people enjoy the music,but do take care.

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* This Article is not against Apple,Inc. or Microsoft Corp., I simply respect you peoplefor the amazing stuff you create but this is for the general welfare.