Emailing Technology Can Helps Pilots Fly Planes

A great new technology has now come up which promises the pilots of the airspace safety and security. Imagine if a pilot gets to know whether it is snowing or raining or a volcano is about to erupt somewhere near about it. This is what this technology is all about.

The scientists from the American state of Washington have now come up with a technology that alerts pilots on board aircraft about volcanic eruptions, via emails, within minutes of suspicious lightning activity occurring near volcanoes.
An international team has developed the system which uses data from the World Wide Lightning Location Network to create automated email alerts within minutes of spotting suspicious lightning activity near volcanoes.
The system involves monitoring lightning strokes occurring around all of the world’s 1500 or so volcanoes, as well as more distant lightning from each volcano (100km Approx.) to help determine if new strokes over the volcano are possibly weather related.