Is This A Prison?

Its quite obvious for all the people throughout the world as I believe would never like to land up in the prison. And specially all those people who have been into it will also never want to get in there once again. Apart from this as a lot of people may have watched Prison Break,  breaking out of a prison has also become a great problem throughout the world and also is a big nightmare for those who manage it. And now the Austrians have the result for this problem
So as I was watching the American Show Prison Break and thats simply awesome,infact I went out of facebook just to watch all the episodes of this amazing show. So apart from this this is the prison I saw which is located there in Austria in the city of Leoben which is also the home or Arnold Schwarzenegger. The name is Justice Center and the picture of it is:

This is the  main look of the building from the outside and you are yet to watch what is in there. All other pictures are there in out gallery you can check it out here. This prison was opened in in November 2004 and the main archaetect who designed this building Joseph Hohensinn said the basic concept behind this is

All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights

As a lot of prison authorities face a very common problem which is the fights amongst the prisoners or with the guards and also the problem increases when somebody breaks out of the prison. This prison has a perfect solution for it as no body inside would ever think of breaking out.

This is the main objective of the prison and has capacity for 250n people which has already been filled up.

For more details you can also read the Wikipedia article on this.