Simple Scripts: Best Way To Install WordPress

A while ago I had discussed as how one can easily install WordPress to carry out working on a website as WordPress is one of the most popular blog software and has also been one of the best CMS for the management of various websites and is also used by a lot of people throughout the world. As its creator Matt Mullenweg said in an interview almost every day there are about 300-500 people who shift to WordPress as their CMS for blogging, I have the got one of the simplest way to install this on a server.To start:

  • Log on to Simple Scripts.
  • Create an account there(Its free)
  • Provide Simple Scripts with your FTP name and password(the database name and the password you created on your server where you want to install WordPress)
  • Click continue and Done

After this your WordPress website is ready and not only this you can install a lot of other CMS or softwares as well such as Movable Type or Joomla or Drupal if you feel like. All this completely free. In short you have to pay $0 to get you work done and it may take maximum up till 2 minutes for a software to get installed.

Various web server providers such as Bluehost or Hostgator already have this facility in them and one just need to go ahead with a  few clicks to ge their work done.

If you still want to install WordPress manually then please go ahead with this beautiful and simple tutorial which will help you throughout to get the software installed.