ipad 2

iPad 2 to Be Launched in Feb 2011

This news which has come up from the factories of Apple’Inc. in Taiwan and China where the iPad is assembled after being manufactured in California. After the launch of the Macbook air a few months ago this time Apple is simply geared up to create and launch the next version of the iPad soon.

As the common features that are being rumored around the world right now tells us:

  • It would be having 2 cameras.
  • It would be having more USB ports.
  • It would be better designed and more user friendly.
of the features that are not available the previous iPad till now. This time Apple thinks of competing with its common competitors like Playbook and Samsung Galaxy tab. The shocking part that Apple has yet to launch the iPad 1 in countries and major market such as India where I don’t believe that iPad 2 would be ever launched.