Samsung DID NOT Send Trucks Of Coins To Apple

The above headline is completely false as the one of the most recent cases verdict rules out against Samsung, the Korean technology giant which had been sued by the American trend setter Apple Inc. on stealing of ideas that have been patented by them.

This story has run all along the internet in a way to capture a lot fo attention as the whole stry may be read out some thing like this :

This morning more than 30 trucks filled up with coins of 5 cents arrived at Apple’s headquarters in California. Initially, the security company that protects the facility said it was diverted to the wrong place, but minutes later, Tim Cook (Apple CEO) received a call from Samsung CEO explaining that they will pay $1 billion dollars for the fine recently ruled against the South Korean company in this way.

the funny part is that the signed document does not specify a single payment method, so Samsung is entitled to send him to the creators of the iPhone its billion dollars as they deem best.

This dirty but genius geek troll play is a new headache to Apple executives in the sense of the method that they need to apply for counting all that money, check if it is complete and try to deposit it crossing fingers to hope a bank will accept to receive that.

Lee Kun-hee, Chairman of Samsung Electronics, told the media that his company is not going to be intimidated by a group of “geeks with style” and that if they want to play dirty, they also know how to do it.

You can use your coins to buy refreshments at the little machine for life or melt the coins to make computers, that’s not my problem, I already paid them and fulfilled the law.

A total of 20 billion coins, deliver hope to finish this week.
Now you really believed it dint you

Although it has not been specified about the payment method by which Samsung would be paying the fine, but as we expect anything like this is unlikely to be happening.