Wikileaks Supporters announce Cyber World War I

This may be for the first time that the cyber world or the virtual world on the web in fighting. The world on the internet which is currently divided into two parts. For the time being which has resulted in hacking of websites of major companies such as Visa, Mastercard and many others. Why is this going on. This may be for the first time that the supporters of wikileaks have gathered up in such a force together to support it. With its founder behind the bars this is one of the most powerful scenario in the world on IT.

A day befor major website such as Visa, Mastercard and Paypal were hacked and remained down for hours.Why did this happen because these companies didn’t allow the account of wikileaks with them and considering it illegal they refused to serve them anymore. Apart from this the main news that has shocked is the hacking of the website of the Swedish govt. as it didn’t allow to function wikileaks when it asked them for help.
When asked a hacker told that they recruit members from everywhere including imageboards, forums, Facebook, Twitter and so on. The members then download the botnet — a collection of software used to trigger the attack by activating all the systems which have downloaded the software to attack one site.
Although the founder is behind bars as he was arrested in a rape case as we have already covered this topic, this time wikileaks looks for help, as for the last two days it has been running on the .nl platform.

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